Environmental Control Systems

Some of the equipment we provide

The technicians working in our Technology for Independent Living program (TIL), use a variety of electronic devices to assist you in accessing your home environment.  Although the technical setup from home to home, can vary quite a bit, here are some of the most commonly used devices.

Smart Home Devices

Google Home

Google Home is a smart speaker used as a central hub for smart appliances. Our clients can speak to Google Home to control the various smart devices in their home. Also, it allows our clients to have their questions answered through the Google search engine. For example, our clients will be able to ask Google Home about various conditions outside (weather, traffic conditions, etc.)
Our technicians will set up Google Home and the smart appliances for our TIL clients.


TP-Link is a brand of networking products that manufactures smart devices. These devices are compatible through the TP-Link smartphone application or with Google Home. TP-Link products allow for greater environmental control by centralizing appliance control to a single smart device. The degree of control depends on the appliance (e.g. on/off, bulb brightness, etc.)
Common TP-Link products that TIL provides include: smart lightbulbs, smart plugs, and light switches.

Harmony Hub

Harmony Hub is a universal remote designed for controlling devices that use infrared or smart technology. Harmony Hub is controlled via smartphone application. It allows our clients to control their home environment through their smart phone/tablet. Harmony Hub is also compatible with Google Home, allowing our clients to use their voice for home environmental control.


Pressure Sensitive Switches

Our clients use a variety of switches to control their environment, including, but not limited to, TV, audio/video devices, attendant call systems, lights, fans, smartphones, etc. The appropriate switch is very much based on client preference, but also on the client’s ability and environment.

The ultralight switch (orange/left), for example, is very compact and very sensitive, which our clients appreciate, but when used in certain environments can be accidentally activated by other factors (blankets, clothing, etc).

Puff Switch

For our clients that are not able to activate a pressure switch, the Sip n Puff Switch is a great alternative. The Sip n Puff switch allows the client to activate any of the devices listed below using a slight sip and/or puff on a clear tube.

Sip n Puff switches are built by team members of the Technology of Independent Living (TIL) program, on site, using 3D printing, sensitive pressure transducers, and various other supplies.

To better access the Sip n Puff switch, our technicians will mount the clear tube in a position that is easy to use for the client, whether on a wheelchair or at bedside.

Environmental control systems

GEWA Control Prog

The Gewa Control Prog is a programmable infra-red remote control, that allows for switch control. It allows our clients, using 1 or 2 switches, to use the Gewa to control their TV, audio/video equipment, phone, attendant call, lights, fans, etc.

Our technicians can mount the Gewa and switch(s), on the clients bed or wheelchair, to allow for effective client access.

Tash Mini Relax

Similar to the Gewa Control Prog, the Mini Relax is also a programmable infra-red remote control that allows switch control. The big difference between the two devices is that the Mini Relax is a much simpler device to operate, as it only allows for 6 functions, as opposed to the 241 functions available on the Gewa remote.

The mini relax is a great device for TIL clients that prefer or require a more simple setup, with only a few functions.

Accessible Speakerphones

Serene RCx Speakerphone

The Serene RCx Speakerphone is a remote controlled speakerphone that allows for storage of up to 32 pre-programmed phone numbers.

To make a call, simply press the pendant remote, or the TIL switch plugged into it, and the phone will start scanning through the pre-programmed numbers. Once the number you want to call is highlighted, activate the pendant again and the number will be dialed.

GewaTel 200 Speakerphone

The GewaTel 200 Speakerphone is an infrared controlled speakerphone. By using infrared transmitters, like the Gewa Control Prog (above), clients of our Technology for Independent Program (TIL) can make and receive phone calls…using the same remote they use to access their environment (TV, lights, etc).

Smartphone and Tablet Control


Tapio is an iOS switch interface device. Using the Tapio, and 1 or 2 of our switches, clients gain full access to an iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch, using Apple’s Switch Control.

Our technicians can also mount your iOS device, making it easier to use with the Tapio, and switch, on a wheelchair or at bedside.

Adapted Bluetooth Headset

Technicians of our Technology for Independence Program (TIL) have been adapting Bluetooth headsets for more than 7 years. As a matter of fact since the Motorola Razr was the most recommended phone on the market, and there weren’t “smartphones”. We adapt the headset, so that any of our switches can be used to activate a smartphone.

Using an adapted Bluetooth headset may not allow full control of a smartphone, but it does allow the ability to make and receive calls. And, depending on the phone, you may be able to do much more, like use Siri or other voice control functions.

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